Custom Metal Products & Fabrication By
Peter Benker

Peter Benker offers custom Metal Products ranging from Horse Shoe Bridle Racks, Saddle Stands, Wash Racks, Blanket Bars, Swinging Saddle Pad Bars and even Aquarium Stands. Peter can create anything you need for your next project. Give him a call, text or email for Custom pricing, or if you see something you like below, give Peter a call to order!

Please Call, Text or E-Mail Peter To Order 619-820-2906

Custom Stud Panel Trailer Dividers

For your Custom tailor made Stud Panels for your horse trailer, please give Peter Benker a call! Peter will custom make your Stud Panels to fit perfectly onto your existing Trailer Dividers. No detail is overlooked! These Divider’s are made by a Horsemen for Horsemen. Peter has created Stud Panel Dividers for Professional Horse Haulers. These Panels are built to last, even on Long Hauls. Keep your horse’s safe and secure. Prevent accidental kicks under the dividers.


Custom Arena Roller

Now Available for Custom Orders from Secret Hills Ranch SHR Custom Arena Rollers! Get your Arena nice and packed before big rain storms and watch the water roll right off of the top of your arena! Be able to open your arena up in record time after even the biggest rain or snow storms thanks to the help of this custom built Arena Roller! Our Roller’s are built to order to your specifications for the equipment you have to pull the roller. You can easily adjust the weight of the roller by adding or removing water from the inside of the roller via the Twist off cap located on the side of the roller. Our Roller is able to be pulled by many different types of vehicles thanks to the trailer hitch on the front. Videos of our Roller in action coming soon! Our arena here at SHR was open the day after this last rain/hail/snow storm where we received nearly 5” of water thanks to this amazing Roller! Contact Peter Benker to order your very own Custom made SHR Arena Roller at 619-820-2906!

Bridle Hooks, Wash Racks, Saddle Racks Etc

We build quite a few handy things for the equestrian enthusiast. If you see something you’d like to have, or if you have something you’d like custom made, Please Call, Text or E-Mail Peter To Order 619-820-2906

Aquarium Stands & Canopies

We can build your new Aquarium Stand and/or Canopy from the ground up! Rest assured that your aquarium will rest on a strong and well made stand that will last a lifetime! These stands are made with rigid steel and finished off with a heavy powder coat finish that will hold up to even harsh salt water aquariums giving you worry free enjoyment in your home. We can create a stand for your existing aquarium, or we can put you in touch with an Aquarium Builder to create your aquarium. Our stands are ready for the Cabinet maker of your choice to affix Cabinets to the Stand and/or Canopy. We have experience making tabs in the stand to hold an acrylic tub to protect your floor from water. We also have experience making tabs on the stand/canopy for magnetic cabinets too. The Aquarium Pictured below was made by Tyde Pool Marine, Stand/Canopy Metal Frame made by Peter Benker and the Cabinets made by Hollands Cabinets. Please Call, Text or E-Mail Peter Benker to discuss building an Aquarium Stand or Canopy for your Aquarium! 619-820-2906