Horses Currently For Sale At SHR

As Of 5/22/2020 we have Sold out of 2020 Foals. Please see our Future Foal Program if you are interested in a 2021 Foal and watch our facebook page for our Foal Crop beginning to arrive in Jan 2021!

Presently we do not have any Horses For Sale. Our 2021 Foal Crop will begin to arrive starting in January 2021!

 Most Foals are Nominated NRHA & NRBC
REGISTRATIONS: Most Foals are APHA only
HEIGHT: Most should mature to around 14hh-15hh
GENETICS: Most of our Foals will be 7 Panel Negative
PEDIGREE: Includes Smart Spook, Spooks Gotta Whiz, Wimpys Little Step, Custom Legend, Shine Chic Shine, Shining Spark, Gunner, Color Me Smart, Chocolate Chic Olena and many more!!

PRICED AT: Varies. Generally Starting at $7500.00 for Tobianos. $5000.00 for Breeding Stocks. 

Please contact Missy Benker with any questions or feel free to call/txt 619-820-2994


Future Foal Program (FFP)

Future Foal Program (FFP) FAQ’s

  • Can I Pick A Current Foal For Sale And Make Payments For 12, 24 or 36 Months?
    ANSWER: No, sorry, but the Future Foal Program (FFP) is for Future Foals. To use the FFP to make long term payments you must pick a year that you want to choose a Foal, sign up for the FFP and make payments monthly towards a Foal to be Born in the year you choose. When you choose a Foal the Foal MUST be Paid In Full by the time the Foal is ready to be weaned and go home at 6 Months Old. All Foals MUST be Paid In Full by the time that thewy are Weaned at 6 Months Old.
  • If I Don’t Find A Foal I Want In The Year I Select, What Happens?
    If you do not find a foal that you wish to purchase in the year that you Select we will allow you to Roll your Contract over to the Following Year up to 2 Consecutive Foaling Seasons after the Initial Season that you Select to Choose a Foal. If BUYER(S) do not choose a Foal after 3 Consecutive Foaling Seasons SELLERS may grant the right for the BUYER(S) to purchase a Foal from a different Foaling Season with a $500.00 Penalty Fee added on to the Purchase Price. The offer of a Penalty Fee is not open ended and becomes Null and Void after 5 Consecutive Foaling Seasons. If the BUYER(S) do not choose a Foal there will be No Refunds.
  • What Happens To My Right Of Refusal Place If I Do Not Choose A Foal In The Year Listed?
    ANSWER: If the BUYER(S) do not choose a Foal in the Foaling Season year that the BUYER(S) choose, the BUYER(S) will revoke their Right of Refusal place in any additional Foaling Seasons and will have a Right of Refusal place behind the other BUYER(S) with Contracts in that Foaling Season Year.
  • Can I Chose A Mare And Stallion To Breed For My Future Foal?
    ANSWER: No, sorry. We Reserve the Right to choose all matings performed here at Secret Hills Ranch. We try to list Tentative Breeding plans for several years on our web site to give Buyers an idea of the Crosses that we may choose. All Breeding Plans are TENTATIVE and may change at anytime, even during the current breeding season. We do not make any Guarantees that a certain cross will be made.
  • Can I Reserve A Certain Cross In Utero For My FFP Contract?
    ANSWER: No, sorry. We do not allow any Reserving of Foals In Utero. The FFP Contract is for your choice of a Foal that Secret Hills Ranch (SHR) chooses to place For Sale. Once SHR chooses to place a Foal For Sale we Contact the First Right of Refusal FFP Buyer and they have 48 Hours to decide if they want that Foal. If they do not want that Foal then we go to the Second Right of Refusal Buyer and they have 48 Hours to decide. If the FFP Buyers do not wish to Purchase that Foal then the Foal will be Offered For Sale to the Public.


We accept Deposits and Long Term Payments on Future Foals. We allow our Buyer’s to place a deposit with us for your choice of any Foal that comes for sale. Before offering any Foal For Sale to the Public we contact our Future Foal Payment Program Buyers first and you will have the first right of refusal before the Foal is offered to the Public For Sale. Our Future Foal Payment Program allows our Buyers to make Payments towards a Foal over a long period of time and the flexibility to wait for the perfect Foal of our Buyer’s dreams. Buyers may choose which year they would like to buy a Foal from and make payments towards a Future Foal over 12, 24 or even 36 months! We accept a very Limited Number of Future Foal Payment Program Contracts per year, Contact us for your Contract today! Contact Missy Benker for more details 619-820-2994



Please DO NOT fill out this Contract. We will need to make a Contract Specifically For You.