Equine Breeding Services Offered at SHR
619-820-2994 Missy Benker

We are thrilled to offer Equine Breeding Services here at Secret Hills Ranch. We specialize in Stallion Reproductive Services and offer a full slate of services for Stallions right here in Alpine, California just 35 minutes East of the San Diego International Airport. 

Secret Hills Ranch offers Collection of Semen for Cooled or Frozen Semen, Shipment of Cooled Semen (both by FedEx Overnight and via Airline Counter to Counter same day service), Storage of Frozen Semen, Shipment of Frozen Semen, Clean Out Collections and more. SHR offers Same Day Airline Counter to Counter Shipping with many different Airlines including American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines.

We offer many services to fit every Stallion and Owner’s needs. We are happy to create a Stallion management program to suit yours, your customers and your Stallion’s needs. Please contact us for more information regarding our Stallion Breeding Services.




– Clean Out Collection:
– Phantom Training: $150.00/Session

– Cooled Semen Collection: $250.00
     (Does Not Include Freight Costs)
– Centrifugation: $25.00

– Test Freeze Collection: $650.00
– Frozen Semen Collection: $550.00
               (Up to 7 Doses)
– Additional Doses In Freeze: $85.00
             (Up to 7 Additional)
– Storage of Frozen Semen:
           (Per Dose Per Month)
– Charging Vapor Shipper to Ship Frozen Semen:
        (Does Not Include Freight Costs)
– Rental of SHR’s Vapor Shipper to Ship Frozen Semen: $75.00

– FedEx or Airline Shipping: At Cost
– Courier to Airport for Airline Shipping: $100.00 

During Breeding Season Collections for Cooled Semen are performed Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Notice the Day prior to Collection by 3pm PST is required. Late Collection Notice after 3pm PST will result in a fee of $75.00 to be added to the total Collection price. Our Normal Breeding Season is generally February 1 to July 1 yearly. We can usually make exceptions to our normal breeding season dates with ample notice, but we do not guarantee that we can collect outside of our normal Breeding Season.

For Semen Shipment Requests Please preferably TEXT or CALL Missy Benker at 619-820-2994 with the following information: Your Name, Stallion to be Collected, Name of Mare and Mare Owner Receiving Semen, if you are Requesting a FedEx or a Counter to Counter shipment and any other pertinent information that we may need to fulfill your request. PLEASE NOTE: If you need to CANCEL your Semen Shipment Request Cancellations MUST be received by 6am PST or you will be Charged for the entire Collection Fee minus Shipping.

619-820-2994 Missy Benker